More than $ 30 million in contraband merchandise seized

Thursday, October 21, 2021 | 7: 40hs.

The seizure of an important shipment of different contraband merchandise, valued at more than 30 million pesos, plus the seizure of three vehicles and other items of interest to the cause were the result of two raids recently carried out by members of Squadron 10 of the Argentine National Gendarmerie (GNA) in Eldorado.

In addition, during the federal intervention, eight Senegalese citizens were notified of the investigation of a case before the Federal Justice for violation of Law 22,415 of the Customs Code.

Gendarmerie sources informed this morning that the procedures were carried out in two buildings in Eldorado that for several days had been investigated as alleged collection points for a significant amount of contraband merchandise.

During the two interventions, the uniformed officers seized 12,295 pairs of shoes and more than 80 covers for different types of vehicles, in addition to two Toyota Hilux trucks and a Chevrolet Corsa that are suspected of being used to transport the goods.

Large sums of money were also found, in bills of different denominations, including pesos, dollars, reales and guaraníes.

According to the inquiries consulted, everything kidnapped from Paraguay was conditioned in the two houses for later transfer to different parts of the country where they had to be marketed.

The Federal Court and the Federal Prosecutor’s Office of Eldorado took part in this investigation, from where the seizure of all the elements found was ordered. In addition, it was ordered that the eight Senegalese citizens be subject to the cause.

Agents from the Afip-DGA of Puerto Iguazú also intervened in the operation, who carried out the verification for the capacity of the merchandise and from the National Directorate of Migration, which drew up the immigration declarations for foreign citizens.

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