More than 300 companies alert the government to difficulties linked to the energy crisis this winter

Some 300 French companies risk finding themselves in difficulty by the end of the year due to soaring energy costs, said Tuesday, September 20 the Minister Delegate for Industry, Roland Lescure.

“We are talking today about a few dozen companies, a little over 300, who alert us by saying ‘there, I can’t anymore, something will have to be done'”declared the minister on the antenna of Sud Radio, questioned on a “risk of dropping out” for some companies this winter.

“These are the companies which are followed by Bercy, which consume a lot of electricity or which have not been able to renegotiate their electricity contracts”we told the ministry, without being able to specify the number of jobs represented by these closely monitored companies.

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A fund for businesses

For companies in difficulty, the Minister recalled the existence of a support fund which allows “limit the damage a bit”. “We have a support fund, we are in the process of reducing the criteria, extending it for 2023, to support the companies that need it the most”said the Minister.

He mentioned the famous Duralex glassworks, which decided, faced with the explosion of energy costs, to put its oven on standby for at least four months from November and place all of its employees on partial unemployment. His energy bill was “2 million euros last year, and 13 million euros this year”said the minister.

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“The first fight is European”underlined Roland Lescure, however, on the subject of the European gas and electricity market, whose prices have not ” any sense “ and that the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen promised to reform in depth, on September 14.

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