More than 80 children and adolescents are waiting to be adopted in Entre Ríos

From the Government of Entre Ríos they announced that tomorrow will be the fourth and last call for 2022 to submit registration applications to be able to adopt in the province.

Right now In Entre Ríos there are about 58 boys and girls between the ages of 0 and 12, and 22 adolescents aged 13 or over.who are waiting for a family, as reported by the Single Registry of Applicants for Adoptive Purposes from Entre Ríos (RUAER).

The application for people residing in Entre Ríos is through a virtual formwhich they say was “greatly effective” and allowed greater accessibility for those who wish to become mothers and fathers.

Likewise, from the RUAER they expressed that the majority of children and adolescents “are groups of siblings”, so the priority is always “the preservation of those ties” and that, in the way possible, they are adopted by a same family.

In any case, if this is not possible given that there are situations in which there are up to eight siblings, it is planned to “work with several families, but as long as they are willing to sustain the bond between the siblings in a real way.”

Before the pandemic, in 2019, 76 adoption applications were registered, while in 2021 the number was 103. That said, the expectations for this year “are high,” assured María Silvana Spais, RUAER secretary, to telam.

People interested in applying as adopters should enter the RUAER page ( or the Public Ministry of Defense (, complete the form and accompany it with the necessary documentation to start the process.

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