More than 9 tons of marijuana seized and a Brazilian truck driver arrested in Oberá

Saturday May 14, 2022 | 8:00 p.m.

More than 9 tons of marijuana taken out of circulation and a Brazilian truck driver arrested was the result of an anti-drug operation carried out by the National Gendarmerie on National Route 14, near the town of Campo Grande.

The millionaire confiscation occurred at the request of the intervention of the members of Squadron 9 of Oberá, who stopped the movement of the transport and detected 307 packages with the drug that weighed a total of 9,179 kilograms. The truck was owned by Brazil and was driven by the foreign subject who ended up detained and held incommunicado.

According to sources linked to the investigation, the vehicle with the insignia of a Brazilian company had entered empty through the Puerto Iguazú border, so it is assumed that the marijuana was loaded in some missionary town.

It was learned that a series of inconsistencies arose in the control of the federal documents on the route, which were much more evident when the anti-narcotics dog reacted upset when he sniffed the semi-trailer.

The truck was transferred to the base of the force for exhaustive control and there they found the impressive load, distributed in more than 300 packages and valued at 1,931,526,750 pesos.

The uniformed officers seized, in addition to the drug, the 1935 model Mercedes Benz truck, two cell phones, 150,016 Argentine pesos and documents of interest.

The Federal Prosecutor’s Office of Oberá intervened, in charge of Viviana Alejandra Vallejos and the Federal Court whose head is Marcos Alejandro Gallandat Luzuriaga.

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