Morenistas ask to give priority to AMLO’s countermarch

Iris Velázquez / Reform Agency

Wednesday, November 23, 2022 | 17:12

Mexico City.- With events such as the XVI Interparliamentary Meeting on the horizon, to which legislators from Mexico and Spain were summoned, senators from Morena called to prioritize the march called by the president over any other activity.

In a press conference, in which representatives of Morena, the PES, PT and the Green Party were present, they made this call at the time that Héctor Vasconcelos, who is the president of the Foreign Relations Commission in this Upper House, announced that he would not will attend this event that, he acknowledged, stands out for its importance.

“It is a very important event because many years ago an inter-parliamentary meeting between these countries had not taken place, but priorities are priorities,” Vasconcelos said to applause from his colleagues.

“First of all, let’s support our president and the project, especially the project for which we fight every day! I’m glad to know that they are the first to know that I will not attend the Interparliamentary Meeting,” he said.

He asserted that these four years of the Administration of Andrés Manuel López Obrador are a good “cash cut”, but they are not enough for the total transformation and that they have their sights set on Morena winning 2024.

“But for now, let’s celebrate this Sunday how much has been achieved, which is why it should be a popular party, a party for the popular classes that have benefited most from this transformation that we have begun,” he added.

Meanwhile, César Cravioto called for other legislators to join this attitude, and for some other action to attend the counter-march.

“Of course, to all the senators who make up the Fourth Transformation, I think we can go to Spain or any other place on the planet, any other day. Now it is important to be with our president, it is important to support the Fourth Transformation,” pointed.

“So we call on all the senators of the 4 parliamentary groups to prioritize this issue, that we all march, that we march together and that we show that we are supporting the President of the Republic and the Fourth Transformation project,” he added.

To attend the Interparliamentary Meeting, he pointed out, there are opposition legislators such as the PRI, PAN and PRD.

When asked what opinion he would have if legislators from his party such as Ricardo Monreal decide to attend, he indicated that it will be a respected decision, but ordered him to march next Sunday.

“If any senator decides to have another priority, well, we respect it, we respect them, but we believe that today the priority of all of us who came for this project and who are here in the Senate of the Republic for a transformation project, we have to prioritize when marching with our president next Sunday.

“The coordinator Ricardo Monreal, coordinator of the Senate bench, part of the Fourth Transformation, of the citizenry,” he added.

He announced that sympathizers from other entities will mobilize aboard trucks, but asked that they not be classified as hauled, noting that this is how the protesters in defense of the INE also mobilized.

And legislators pointed out that lunches will be prepared, but they will not be delivered as payment.

Eunice Romo of the PES invited the other opposition parties to join this mobilization and together, the senators announced that they will begin meeting at 7:30 am next Sunday between París and Reforma streets, a few meters from their legislative house.

Monreal and Velasco are not going to march

Contrary to what was stipulated by legislators from his caucus, the Morenista Ricardo Monreal and the coordinator of the Green Party caucus, Manuel Velasco, reported that they will not go to the counter-march to attend the XVI Interparliamentary Meeting.

To justify his decision, Monreal quoted a phrase from José Vasconcelos, “I realized that I would be the man of duty, not the man of pleasure.”

“And I have a duty with the Chamber of Senators and with the citizens, they pay me; the citizens of this country pay me and they pay me well, all legislators and legislators are paid well to do our job. This Interparliamentary has agreed three months ago and I will attend that Parliamentary Assembly as president of the Mexican delegation,” he said.

“The coordinators of parliamentary groups and the president of the Foreign Relations Committee were even confirmed two months ago; because at the suggestion of Foreign Relations, from the Secretariat, they wanted it to be a high-level Interparliamentary to improve the relationship between Mexico and Spain. And for that reason, like Vasconcelos: I would like to go to the march, but I am a man of duty, not a man of pleasure. I will comply,” he added.

Meanwhile, Velasco indicated that he could not make a change in plans, but the Green legislators will attend.

“The senators of the Green Party are going to attend the march to support the president. Since 2018 we have been supporting the President since he took office as President of the Republic, we have accompanied him in all his reforms and we will continue to accompany him until the last day of his term.

“What we are trying to do is to be able to fulfill both commitments, because this commitment already existed before the march. We already have the commitment to the inter-parliamentary meeting,” he added.

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