Moria Casán pointed against Marcelo Tinelli

While finalizing details for his new project “Canta Conmigo” Marcelo Tinelli received a complaint from Moria Casan who targeted the driver and his production, after knowing the extraordinary figures that the 100 jurors won.

In the last few hours it transpired that Marcelo Tinelli’s production wants Cristian Castro on his show and that if they can bring him, they will pay the singer $150,000, upon learning of this news Moria Casan expressed on his Twitter account: “And we two years to get paid, you have to be a foreigner to be quoted”wrote the driver.

Moria Casán through her Twitter account.

Likewise Moria Casan He took the opportunity to talk about his own experience with the production company and launched a hint for the driver who is looking for international artists to make up the singing reality show: “How low, please. Hold on Argentina.”

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