Morning! Freestyle Tournament Final

Araly Castañon / El Diario de Juárez

Wednesday, September 21, 2022 | 05:00

Juarez City.- The rapper Aczino will perform in the freestyle final tomorrow, Thursday, September 22 at 4:00 p.m. in El Chamizal Park, announced the director of the Municipal Youth Institute, Raúl Fajardo Zaldívar.

Delayed for ‘black thursday’

This event had been scheduled for Friday, August 12, but due to the events of “Black Thursday” it was postponed for security reasons, he explained.

He stated that 16 participants who were previously selected in the contests that took place in the parks of Riberas del Bravo, Oasis Revolución, Extremo and in the East will compete in the final.

He indicated that the winner will be able to have a battle with the freestyler Aczino that day.

In addition, whoever gets the first place will receive a prize of 7 thousand pesos and the second place 3 thousand pesos, as well as a Del Río store card of 3 thousand pesos and 2 thousand pesos, respectively.

Fajardo said that the event is free and there will be a hip hop show by local talent and from the city of Chihuahua.

international champion

He added that Aczino is an international freestyle champion and has participated in events representing Mexico in various parts of the world.

He commented that lovers of this discipline hope to see his show but, above all, the finalists aspire to share the stage in a battle against him.

He stressed that apart from the freestyle battles, attendees will be able to enjoy break dance and music demonstrations with different DJs.

For the best!

$7,000 reaches the cash prize for the first place of the fair, in addition to 3 thousand electronic pesos in Del Río

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