Morón takes joyful account with the arrival of Christian Santos to Colo Colo

Christian Santos became this Friday the new reinforcement of Colo Colo. The 33-year-old forward of Venezuelan-German nationality will become the wish he had Gustavo Quinteros placeholder image to add a center forward in the white box for this second half of the National Championship.

Daniel Moron quickly after the officialization they scheduled a brief press conference with Edmundo Valladares, president of Blanco y Negro, to publicize the situations experienced during this day with the closing of the pass book in Chilean football.

The sports manager of the Cacique showed his happiness by closing the incorporation of striker Christian Santos, leaving in the past what happened with Facundo Ferreyra in the hours this morning and the complications that they had to live in the last moments to sign a footballer.

“Surely some learning has left us this. The stress that we have experienced these days. In both cases the operations were almost closed, we spoke with the player, his representative, everything agreed during this morning. Our lawyer defining the last details of the contract and that at the last moment they call us and say no, makes me say that I was wrong ”.

But that was not all, because he delved into the subject. “In this club we are not here to cry, we raised our heads and had to go for a solution and that was what we did together with the president of Blanco y Negro. We are looking for a solution for this club, we are very happy because we have one of the players that we had in our portfolio and who was in the knowledge of our coach Gustavo Quinteros “.

In addition, the manager of the Cacique highlighted the qualities that Christian Santos has such as the aerial game he has, in addition to the sporting experience of the years he has been playing in European football.

“The characteristics that our player has, he is a 1.84 meter player, he has a good aerial game, selected from his country. He has been playing in Europe for ten years, we believe that we bring a player who is not only what he can offer us on the pitch, but also a young dressing room. We have good words from him as a person ”.

Christian Santos new reinforcement of Colo Colo.

Not everything was there, because the president of Blanco y Negro, Edmundo Valladares, lowered the profile to the “lack of respect” of Facundo Ferreyra in communicating at the last minute that he would not come to Colo Colo, after having talked more than once with Gustavo Quinteros.

“More than us if he disrespected, when one has a verbal agreement and not only that, because progress was made on the matter of the contract with the player’s lawyers and representatives, without further explanation, at the last minute we are told that no It comes, it is a situation that seems very bad to us and that we do not share because things are not done that way ”.

Furthermore, he added that “Each one will judge if it is a lack of respect, but we are faithful to our word with the player and he did not have any condition to arrive. We are very happy because if we were able to reach an agreement with a player who wanted to come and who is aware of the Quinteros coaching staff. Now we are aware that Colo Colo is at the top of Chilean football “.

Finally, the sports manager Daniel Morón referred to the possibility of extending Gustavo Quinteros’ contract, considering that the link with Colo Colo by the coach is until December of this year.

“Of course our intention is to extend the link with our DT. He has done important things within the club, he came at a difficult time for the institution and the work he has done with his coaching staff that has us in a privileged position, the only thing one wants is to retain him and that is what we are looking for. I have had personal conversations with him and that we are surely going to extend it so that this marriage is long term ”.

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