Mortal Kombat: Alegra Chan captivates us with her Kitana cosplay

Mortal Kombat: Alegra Chan captivates us with her Kitana cosplay

Maybe you didn’t know, but we are also discovering new styles of cosplay and expanding our horizons, so we will take you to discover different Cosplayers and styles among the different costume artists, that is why this time we give ourselves the task of introduce you to a girl who lights up all her social networks, because whether you have heard of her because of her beauty, style, charisma or her wild curves, but don’t worry, if you don’t know her, it’s time for us to introduce her to you.

She is known as Cheer Chana beautiful cosplayer who has her own style, who in addition to being a successful model, is a great fan of video games, and you can find her on her official Instagram as @alegrachan, where she has more than 70 thousand followers, where she has a great repertoire of cosplay works and shows us all its potential before the camera.

And just on this occasion, she gives us her best version of Kitana, one of the fighters in the legendary game. Mortal Kombatyes, of course I adapt it to her unique and seductive style, and that comes to us thanks to a spectacular photo session, where the femme fatale and daughter of the Kings of Edenia, captivates us from the skin of Alegra.

Thus, as wearing long and abundant black hair in an intense tone, she shows us Kitana in her photographs, wearing her royal blue suit, as well as taking care of the detail of covering her face, just as the girl does during her emblematic fights. Without a doubt, this powerful assassin, and Alegra looks spectacular.

This powerful girl has managed to convey to us all the energy and sensuality that Kitana, which we see on the screens every time we look at her in Mortal Kombat, and her photo shoot shows us that the model takes care of each one of the details and the style of the girl from Mortal Kombat, who did not have an easy life, but has managed to place herself among the favorites.

We hope that this cosplay work has been to your liking, we will continue uploading interesting content of this and other beautiful cosplayer girls, so please, continue on eGames News.

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