Mortgage Bank launches ZERO USURY line of credit

Salvadorans who never had the opportunity to have credit in banks and who have ended up lending to usurers, which today means paying large sums of money in interest, now have the opportunity to access the new line of financing “Zero Usury”, launched today by Banco Hipotecariowhich comes to be an incentive to pay off your debts and get ahead with your productive projects.

The new line made it available the president of the bank, Celina Padillawho reported that this has been designed in response to the needs of many salvadorans, especially merchants, entrepreneurs and employees who are drowning in this difficult debt situation and who have not found a way out of it so far.

He mentioned that those interested in the Zero Usury line of credit, the bank offers immediate solutions; for example, Salvadorans who are small merchants or entrepreneurs have the opportunity to request amounts of up to $2,000 and for those who are salaried employees they have coverage of up to $5,000.

To support them, deadlines have also been defined according to the reality that each one faces, in the case of those with a difficult debt situation, a terms of up to 3 years and a total of 7 years for all those who want to totally clean up their credit.

For people interested in cleaning up their debts in the financial system, they will only have to present proof of prompt payment from the institutions to which they owe. If you are in a poor financial category, you will be followed up with financial education.

With this initiative, Banco Hipotecario seeks to support all salvadorans, finding them and giving them immediate solutions to the financial problems they face so that they can move forward with their businesses and be productive again.

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