Moscow distributed 80,000 Russian passports since the "annexations" from various regions of Ukraine

Russia announced on Thursday that it had distributed Russian passports to more than 80,000 residents of four areas of Ukraine that it says it has incorporated into its territory, annexations not recognized by the international community.

“Since the four regions were incorporated into the Russian Federation, and in accordance with the law, more than 80,000 people have received passports as citizens of the Russian Federation,” the Interior Ministry was quoted as saying by local news agencies.

In September, Russia organized “referendums”, denounced as “shams” by Western countries, to annex the areas it controls in Ukraine in the regions of Donetsk Y luhansk as well as Zaporizhia Y Kherson.

These annexations, ratified by Moscow in October, were condemned by the international community and are not recognized.

Since the announcement of these annexations, the Russian forces had to cede ground to the Ukrainian army, withdrawing among others from the city of Kherson, capital of the province of the same name.

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