Most popular types of beer in Germany: comparison shocks Franconia

  • On World Beer Day, chose the most popular types of beer in Germany
  • For this purpose, the average online search requests per month were evaluated
  • Above all, beer drinkers from the West and trend-conscious connoisseurs should be happy about the result

No question: beer is the undisputed favorite (alcoholic) drink of Germans. After all, the Federal Republic, with 95 liters of beer per capita per year, ranks behind the Czech Republic and Austria three in global beer consumption. Of course, the question arises as to which one Type of beer is the most popular in the country? The comparison portal has rummaged through the Internet data and to World Beer Day compiled a ranking list on August 5th – and the Franconians will probably not like it at all.

Most popular types of beer in Germany: International and trendy

Franconia is the beer country par excellence – nowhere else in Germany are there more breweries and types of beer. Say and write 2,500 different beers from around 174 master breweries can be found from Nuremberg to Coburg and from Hof ​​to Aschaffenburg. But the Franconian classics like Zwickel, light or smoked beer also one of the favorite varieties of the Germans? A survey of Comparison portal says “Yes” rather. Because if you can believe most online searches in this country, completely different barley juices are in the favor of the Germans. And many a Franconian might just shake their heads in bewilderment…

How does get its numbers? The editors of the comparison portal simply evaluated the monthly online searches on the subject of beer in Germany. The result might surprise some:

10. Bright

Well at least. Of the Classics of Franconian and Bavarian beer at least made it into the top ten. Many breweries in Franconia like to produce the malty and very little hopped light beer and it is also a popular drink in the region. In a Germany-wide comparison, it is still enough for tenth place.

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9. Porters

Originally it comes from England, especially in northern Germany a slightly stronger variant is popular – the deep black and hoppy-tart Porter. In Franconia it is rather exotic, so people prefer to pour themselves a classic dark beer in a glass.

8. Non-Alcoholic Beer

Whether light beer, pilsner or wheat beer – all these types of beer are becoming increasingly popular, especially without percentages. That non-alcoholic beer made it to eighth place in the ranking. No wonder, because the isotonic non-alcoholic is the best in summer perfect refreshment after the sport. But be careful: some non-alcoholic beers still contain a few percent, depending on how they are made. So always on the mark 0.0 percent respect, think highly of!

7. Ale

Often smiled at in the past, today one of the ten most popular types of beer in Germany: the ale. The best-known type of beer in England is making it into German glasses more and more often. Although “the” ale actually doesn’t exist. Because the term hides an unexpected variety of different styles and tastes.

6. Pils

That Pilsner beer takes its name from the Bohemian city of Pilsen – and has a higher hop content than Helles. This makes it a bit bitter. Overall, the Pilsener is the most brewed type of beer of Germany. Nevertheless, the pilsner only managed sixth place in the ranking.

5. Berliner Weisse

For some people, even one cyclist is too much of a good thing, and with so many francs, they take care of it Berliner Weisse for pure horror: sour beer and with woodruff or raspberry syrup. Well, many Germans don’t seem to be so averse to it. After all, the daring creation from the federal capital ranks fifth among the most popular types of beer in Germany.


flavors of exotic fruits and citrus fruits are the hallmark of India Pale Ale or IPA for short. This beer style is a flagship of the US craft beer movement. And apparently it also has a lot of fans in Germany – because according to it just barely missed the podium and came in fourth.

3. Wheat

Thank God, at least one beer that is often drunk in Franconia made it into the top five, and then even dusted bronze – the wheat beer. Especially well chilled, the wheat or wheat beer is the perfect refreshment at the current time August heat. The rich beer with its subtle fruity aromas is the perfect accompaniment to a summer barbecue.

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2. Craft beers

Actually, craft beer is not a type of beer. Because there is one hiding behind it limitless variety of different styles, made by small craft breweries. “Craft” actually means nothing else, i.e. made by hand. In Germany, too, the craft beer movement has more and more followers, as can be seen from second place in this ranking.

1. Kolsch

Franks must now be very strong and take good care of their Seidla Hold on tight – the most popular type of beer among Germans is this Kolsch! Exactly, the little sparkling beer from Cologne that you like to drink out of test tubes. Jokes aside: the Kölsch is a whole unique specialty and important part of German beer culture. The first place in the ranking is therefore not undeserved. Although in Franconia we would certainly have preferred a hearty cellar or red beer.

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