Mother of a child with cancer kneels before Morena’s deputy and she despises her

In social networks the video of the moment in which Deborah Medina Hernández, a mother of a child with cancer, knelt before a deputy of Morena, Maerary Villegas, to whom he begged to promote prompt delivery in the absence of cancer drugs, but the public servant gave him a cold answer.

The situation went viral on the internet, as it is a delicate situation and a sensitive issue for all of Mexico; in this case, a 14-year-old boy identified as Carlos Alberto, Deborah’s son, is at stake.

In July of this year, 6 children with cancer died after the shortage of medicines, and the reaction of the Morena legislator to the situation, for many, was total indifference.

Deputy of Morena ignores mother of child with cancer

MP Merary ignored Mrs. Deborah

In social networks the situation went viral and they are demanding the dismissal of Merary Villegas for the response he gave to Mrs. Deborah, who on her knees begged him to promote the supply of drugs for cancer treatment.

“I don’t want people like Merary in power. It does not represent me and it does not serve me either ”, expressed some users.

It was also announced that the deputy of Morena He justified his way of acting by stating that the minor’s mother had the objective of pursuing “politics in the mountains in favor of the PAN.”

“I’m not doctor. Maybe you will, go ahead and help them ”.

What are cancer drugs?

Medicines for treating cancer

Cancer treatment is the use of surgeries, radiation, drugs, and other therapies that are intended to cure cancer.

Currently there are many treatments and the patient receives one according to the needs of the type of cancer he is suffering.

Unfortunately in Mexico there has been a reported shortage of cancer drugs for children with cancer, for this reason mothers and fathers have demanded that the authorities supply this part of the health sector. On The Truth News we reveal the moment:

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