Mothers encourage a fight between girls outside the school in Celaya: VIDEO

Mothers encourage a fight between girls outside the school in Celaya: VIDEO

mothers of family they encouraged a fight between minors that went viral on social networks due to aggressiveness; the incident occurred one day after the case of a young woman who died from beatings received by a companion.

Through a video, two adolescents are observed, who study at Telesecundaria 29 in Celaya, Guanajuatostarring in a discussion, where you can hear and see mothers encouraging the fight to continue, instead of stopping the students.

It should be noted, as stated in La Verdad Noticias, that during the course of the night the minor who caused the death of her schoolmate, Norma Lizbeth, was detained.

No intervention from neighbors or school authorities

Apparently, during the fight between students more than three adult women they were present without even trying to stop the fight, even, it is observed and heard how at the moment in which one of them tries to intervene, another one stops her to let the minors continue hitting each other.

Netizens have lamented that these adults, apparently mothers, were the protagonists of the aggression among the minors, and assured that there is a “degradation of the family and educational system.”

“It’s very bad, it’s very sad, it’s sad that an adult is present and does nothing, but it looks worse that a mother of a family gets in to attack, the truth is sad. This tells us that everything is already very decomposed Where is the surveillance of the teachers?” Guadalupe said.

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What is bullying – bullying?

Video capture of a school fight

He bullying is aggressive behavior and unwanted among school-age children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. The behavior is repeated or tends to be repeated over time. Both children who are bullied and those who do bully can have serious and long-lasting problems.

The bullying causes they can reside in the educational models that are a reference for children, in the absence of values, limits and rules of coexistence; in receiving punishment through violence or intimidation and in learning to solve problems and difficulties with violence.

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