Motorcycle taxi driver was attacked with five bullets in the chest for refusing to pay S / 5 a day in Chorrillos

The driver of a mototaxi was attacked with five bullets this morning, in the district of Chorrillos. The first police information, the crime responds to the fact that the victim refused to pay a quota of S / 5 per day to extortionists so that he can provide transportation service in the aforementioned district.

According to the news program América Noticias, a criminal aboard a linear motorcycle intercepted the Venezuelan citizen Luis Alexander Galindo Carranza (32) after leaving a passenger in block 1 of Los Titanes jirón.

The criminal attacked him with shots and Galindo Carranza suffered bullet wounds to the chest. After the attack, the man fled in an unknown direction.

Immediately, the witnesses and residents of the area went to the mototaxi, license plate 9884OA, to help the wounded man and take him to the nearest hospital. The Luis Alexander’s health condition is criticalindicated the morning.

A relative of the victim, who preferred anonymity, said that the young motorcycle taxi driver had been receiving threats of a group of people who they demanded the payment of S / 5 daily to let it work independently on Chorrillos.

Criminalistics experts arrived at the scene and found five bullet casings. The Depincri of Chorrillos is in charge of investigating the case.


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