Motorcycles and thermal scooters will continue to park for free in Paris until the end of 2022

The Paris city hall still intends to charge for the parking of thermal two-wheelers, but the implementation will be a little late. It is now targeting September 2022.

The owners of thermal scooters and motorcycles will have a little respite in the capital: parking will not become chargeable on January 1, 2022 as was planned, but it is postponed to September 2022. It is David Belliard, the deputy to the mayor for the transformation of public space and mobility, who confirmed on BFM Paris November 26, 2021.

It is according to him a ” decision related to technical constraints in setting up an interface ”Which should allow drivers of motorized two-wheelers to apply online for a resident card. This card is supposed to make it possible not to pay for each parking, but with an annual subscription.

The tool in question is called France Connect, a very useful service that allows you to connect to several public services with a password and a unique identifier. The City of Paris wanted to favor this efficient system to facilitate users’ requests, but said it had encountered a certain refusal to cooperate on the part of the government: ” The state has blocked », Had attacked David Belliard the day before near the AFP. At BFM Paris, he specified that he did not wish “ put online a tool that will undoubtedly cause a number of bugs for users. »

There was also a question of a partnership between the town hall and certain paid car parks in the capital, which would be accessible and cheaper for holders of a “2WD pass” (motorized two-wheelers), but at the end of November, details had not yet been given.

The Niu NGi GTS Sport scooter // Source: Louise Audry for Vroom / Numerama

“Favor the least noisy engines, the least emitting of atmospheric pollution”

« We voted to end free parking for thermal scooters and motorcycles in Paris. Our resolve is intact, we will », He however tried to reassure on his Twitter account.

Last July, the Town Hall voted for this change in parking rules in the capital: “ We want to promote the least noisy engines, the least emitting air pollution », Announced the deputy mayor at the time, to the delight of owners of electric two-wheelers, but provoking the ire of CO2-emitting motorcycles and scooters.

The prices envisaged by the town hall are high for visitors, but not so much for residents, who could benefit from a card at 22.5 euros per year to park in the capital. Conversely, non-residents should pay 2 to 3 euros per hour (depending on the area) to park their thermal two-wheelers.

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