Mountain: the British are back in the ski resorts



Mountain: the British are back in the ski resorts
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France has lightened its entry protocol for vaccinated British nationals. A news welcomed with a frank smile on the side of the ski resorts, where they represent nearly 30% of the clientele.

The first British holidaymakers are back on the ski slopes on Friday 14 January. Again authorized to return to France, they do not sulk their pleasure to find the stations. It’s fantastic to be here, the conditions are perfect. It’s such a relief, it’s been a long time since we planned this vacation, we kept pushing it back because of the restrictions”, assures a Londoner, who has just arrived.

We booked as soon as we found out. We took the first flight, one must be among the first brits here“says another. The relaxation of health rules, they were looking forward to it. For another English tourist, the restrictions have lasted far too long. This is very good news, even if it comes a little late. These restrictions have affected the business of the French and the relations between us”, she believes, in the edition from 20 hours.

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