Moved, Temido apologizes “from the bottom of his heart” to the doctors and speaks of a “misunderstanding”

Mario Cruz / Lusa

The Health Minister apologized to health professionals this Thursday for their statements about “resilience”, having considered that it was a “misunderstanding”.

“I did not say, at any time, that it is necessary to recruit more resilient professionals. He said that an investment was needed in more resilience, especially in those who work in areas as demanding as Health”, began by telling journalists Marta Temido.

“If I caused a misinterpretation, I apologize so, genuinely and from the bottom of my heart. The health professionals, the Portuguese, the National Health Service know me”, continued the minister, beginning to get emotional.

“I’ve been working for many years in the Health sector, I’ve worked with many health professionals and I get genuinely and genuinely indignant at this reception, with this misunderstanding. If I was misunderstood, I’m sorry”, she said, already with some tears.

At issue is the position of the Medical Association, which considered that Marta Temido “lost all credibility” when she said this Wednesday, during a hearing at the parliamentary Health committee, that it is necessary to think “about the expectations and selection” of doctors.

The government official, who answered questions from deputies about the difficulties that the Setúbal Hospital Center (CHS) is facing, said that “resilience” should be a factor to take into account when hiring health professionals.

At the press conference after the Council of Ministers, questioned by journalists about the minister’s first statements, António Costa said he was “absolutely indisputable” that the NHS and all its professionals showed “total dedication, resilience and commitment”.

“What we were able to see is that, even in the most terrible moments of this pandemic, such as the months of January and February of last year, the National Health Service and all its professionals, from operational assistants to doctors, all showed a total dedication, resilience, commitment, effort in fulfilling its function and this is absolutely indisputable and we are all grateful for what is the extraordinary effort of the professionals of the National Health Service”, he replied.

However, Costa assumed that “everything is not going well” in the SNS and guaranteed that the “daily work” of the Government is to try to do, “every day, more and better by the National Health Service”.

“We are all well aware that no National Health Service in the world can be able to respond to their current needs and even to a pandemic of this dimension,” he said.

Thus, according to the prime minister, “there is no health service in the world that has not suffered in its regular activity” due to the covid-19 pandemic, an “unforeseen and anomalous situation”.

Asked about the same topic, the President of the Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, had already assured today that “in the minds of all Portuguese” and from the Government is the notion that health professionals “are resistant”, highlighting their “resilience and resilience” during the pandemic.

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