MPs: AfD: Joana Cotar resigns from the party and parliamentary group

The member of the Bundestag is dissatisfied with the course of the AfD. Now Cotar is taking consequences – that’s the reason for leaving.

The Hessian member of the Bundestag Joana Cotar According to his own statements, he left the AfD and the AfD parliamentary group. This step was not easy for her “after almost ten years,” Cotar explained on Monday. “After all, I helped build the party in Hesse.”

On her website, Cotar wrote, adhering to the moderate current of the AfD counted and in the meantime was a member of the federal executive committee: “In the fight against opponents within the party, constant bullying is the order of the day – fired up by the top of the party and its networks.” The “fight for a better Germany” was pushed into the background.

Cotar threw the AfD claiming to have “crossed too many red lines”. She counted the “pandering to the dictatorial and inhuman regimes in Russia, China and now also Iran”, the “opportunism and constant bullying in the fight for posts and mandates” and “the establishment of corrupt networks in the party”.

Cotar: Right-wing extremists in the AfD “not the problem”

In contrast to other former AfD members who had left the party in recent years, the digital politician did not justify her step directly with another one right jerk the AfD. Rather, Cotar wrote: “The extreme right-wing fringe of the AfD was and is not the problem, it was always in the minority.” that they are still standing today”. Also read: Lower Saxony election: AfD uses fear of inflation for comeback

Also criticized cotar “the close proximity of leading AfD officials to the President of the Russian Federation”, . She doesn’t want to and won’t support this anymore. She stated: “The pandering of the AfD to the dictatorial and inhuman regimes in Russia, China and now also Iran are unworthy of an upright democratic and patriotic party.”

“I stood and stand for a constructive, liberal-conservative policy based on the Basic Law,” explained cotar further. These included “the principle of personal responsibility, the recognition of achievements, a lean state, freedom of expression without censorship or surveillance and genuine patriotism”. She will continue to work for this in the future as a member of the Bundestag. More on the subject: Tiktok breakdown: Does the AfD reveal what they really think?

Cotar started in 2021 together with Joachim Wundrak to AfD to lead as a top duo in the federal election campaign. The two lost in a member survey. Tino Chrupalla and Alice Weidel won the race. (pcl/dpa/AFP)

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