MrBeast launches the first edition of “The Squid Game” in real life

The last months, “The Squid Game” became one of the series of Netflix most viewed worldwide. On Halloween, a lot of people dressed up as their protagonists. Now him youtuber MrBeast has released a real version of all the stages and games of the famous production.

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Through a video you can see all the preparation and how the content creator’s “The Squid Game” was carried out. He managed to gather a large number of strangers and the winner took US $ 456,000.


As in the series, MrBeast managed to gather 456 strangers to participate in this peculiar game. Although in the Korean production people who lost were killed, this time only a detector is placed on their chest.

The beginning of the idea started a few weeks ago. Through everything was taking shape, the youtuber was showing the results through his TikTok and Twitter account. Among them were the beds, the stages, and the giant doll.

The work was as much from recreating the scenarios, such as that of “Green light, red light”, even the uniforms and the soldiers. With that ready, today he released his video showing the entire result. Ultimately, player 079 was the winner and took home $ 456,000 in cash.


MrBeast is an American youtuber who became famous for investing a large amount of money in his videos. These have managed to reach amounts of up to 4 million in a single material. Likewise, he has stood out for filming large-scale productions for his channel.


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