MSI and its extensive legacy in productivity: gaming, content creation and more

Did you know that the MSI brand is the only Notebook brand that has its own factory? This has allowed them to be at the forefront of innovation and support. By having their own factory they ensure that their processes are more rigorous and that they meet high standards. How to check it? They have a very low amount of equipment returned under warranty.

In fact, according to PC Magazine this year For the first time in a decade, a brand takes the top spot from Apple in terms of laptop user satisfaction.


MSI and its gaming legacy

The brand is a leader in gaming. Its gamer line is a high-performance line, exceeding the threshold of its competition by a high percentage. And they have also played it for esports from the beginning. The brand has dedicated countless hours and numerous resources to the eSports community to support players around the world and leverage their gaming expertise to optimize their product design.

In addition to years of dedication to high-end gaming hardware, MSI has sponsored more than 20 eSports teams around the world and is the proud host of the world-renowned MSI MGA (Masters Gaming Arena) gaming tournament. MSI takes every opportunity to interact face to face with gamers and fans from all over the world. Gaming is the universal language shared by MSI and gamers. Together, MSI and gamers have shaken up the gaming world with innovative technology and one victory after another.


MSI has integrated all the features coveted by gamers into their gaming rigs, eliminating tedious trial and error on their own and pushing performance beyond the limits. The determination to surpass the achievements of the past has made MSI an industry-wide ‘True Gaming’ brand!

Wisdom applied to Content Creation

Adding to its unanimous recognition in the gaming arena is MSI’s reputation as a pioneer and leading brand in digital content creation. Built around MSI’s pioneering gaming technology for a decade, Content Creation series packs amazing color accuracy, long battery life, high-fidelity audio, and excellent performance into a sleek, ultra-portable chassis for photographers, graphic designers, 3D animators, video editors, and other professionals around the world.

Surprisingly portable and powerful, MSI’s Business & Productivity Series packs unprecedented performance, enterprise-grade security, and exceptional battery life into its clean, modern chassis to complement the extraordinary tastes of business professionals. MSI claims to be a “customer-focused” brand and to satisfy their technological needs with cutting-edge technology.


The Content Creation series is specifically designed for digital content creators. Renowned for its aesthetic design and performance, the content creation series is now the market leader in its field. MSI realized that the requirements of content creators are different from those of gamers. and decided to design special platforms for creators long before other companies. That’s why there are so many famous creators who love MSI and use MSI equipment to work on their masterpieces.

Various Areas – Same Top Quality

The customer-centric mentality of MSI pushes its deployment of R&D resources and enables the globally acclaimed MSI Gaming Series, Content Creation Series and AIoT solutions. Ranked highest on gamers’ wish lists, the Gaming series features top-tier laptops, graphics cards, monitors, motherboards, desktops, and gaming gear.


In addition, MSI is a pioneer in critical developments in AI, enterprise computing, and IoT. Cloud servers, customizable industrial PCs, intelligent robotic devices, and vehicle infotainment and telematics systems are MSI’s fields of expertise where the most complete AIoT solutions are built.

As the world leader in high-end solutions, MSI is firmly committed to cutting-edge innovation and aesthetic design that not only meets the needs of customers across all industries, but also creates extraordinary experiences. Empowering global gamers, creators, and business elites with best-in-class solutions designed to meet all their needs is their mission.


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