Multiplayer in Breath of the Wild? This mod makes it possible!

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was able to score with numerous features for the release in 2017, which were a lot of fun for both the fans and the trade press. However, one belonged multiplayer not to these features. Nevertheless, this does not prevent tech-savvy fans from implementing exactly this and sharing it with the Internet. For example, the modder Kirbymini recently made multiplayer a reality for Breath of the Wild. An introduction video of the mod by the Youtuber SwankyBox was the result. This one demonstrates exactly what multiplayer is doing to Breath of Wild. With two individual links you can navigate through the world of hyrule go, collect items and kill bosses. Enemies can only target one of the two links at a time, giving you an extreme advantage. In this way, even opponents that are actually difficult become relatively easy windfalls for you and your partner.

Final boss without claim

This trend continues for the final boss as well. SwankyBox shows how the devastation Ganon fares in a battle involving two heroes at once. Even the greatest villain in the adventure can only target one Link at a time with his attacks. Accordingly, targeted attacks and strategic action against the Ganon devastation are no longer a major challenge.

This in turn is caused by numerous technical problems, which arise in the last boss fight due to the modification. However, apart from the boss, the multiplayer seems to be relatively stable, especially compared to past projects that also tried to make multiplayer possible in Breath of the Wild.

More multiplayer mods

A major multiplayer mod for Breath of the Wild is slated for release later this summer. However, this will have nothing to do with Kirbymini and his work. The streamer Pointcrow has announced, for example, that a similar project will be released via his channel this summer. SwankyBox confirmed in a pinned comment that this should be much more stable and mature than the project it showed. In any case, fans can brace themselves for more Breath of the Wild multiplayer projects in the near future and wonder if Nintendo could not learn a thing or two from it for Breath of the Wild 2.

Source: Youtube (SwankyBox)

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