Multiple crash at the access roundabout to La Plata: a driver seriously injured

A strong multiple crash was recorded after noon at the roundabout of 120 and 32 access to the city with two cars and a truck as protagonists. As a result of the impact, one of the drivers suffered serious injuries and had to be treated by SAME personnel..

The causes of the violent clash are now the subject of investigation by the experts who looked for clues among the witnesses of the events and in the images that the security cameras that are in the area can provide.

Meanwhile, circulation in the area is restricted, so drivers are asked to avoid passing through the area and seek alternative routes to and from the city.

As usually happens in accidents that occur with cars leaving diagonal 74, the cars hit a tree. Among those involved this time was a dairy delivery truck, a black Chevrolet Tracker and a gray Toyota Corolla.

According to the first information, the truck was entering the city when it first hit the Chevrolet and then the Toyota, which took the worst part and its driver had to be hospitalized. SAME sources told that the victim was taken to Hospital Rossi

Apparently the driver of the truck lost control and hit a tree, which ended up lying down and broken in different parts.

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