MultiVersus: pros compete in 2v2 for 30 minutes of gameplay

MultiVersus, the new Smash-like from Warner Bros scheduled for this summer is giving its news today with a great gameplay video. Last May, we were able to test the game in preview and share our rather positive feedback with you in this preview. Today, 30 minutes of fairly qualitative gameplay are shared by Warner Bros.

4 pros fight it out in 2v2 in MultiVersus

These 30 minutes of gameplay bring together the 4 pro players ApologyMan (playing Tom & Jerry), Brokkr (playing Superman) facing Spooky (playing Sammy) and Leviathan (playing Vera). This fight was carried out in view of the MultiVersus tournament of the 2022 Evolution Championship Series taking place at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas from August 5 to 6 with $100,000 up for grabs.

Beyond the tournament and the pro players gathered on this occasion, it is the gameplay presented that seems particularly interesting to us since it allows us to better understand the possibilities offered by the 2v2 of MultiVersus and by the diversity of choices and character abilities.

Needless to say that our level during the Preview was light years away from what is offered in this extract which testifies much better to what it is possible to do in cooperation in MultiVersus.

The Smash-like from Warner Bros has all the potential to become a staple of the genre and come to put a blow in the very calm anthill of platform fighting games. MutiVersus is still planned for this summer in free-to-play on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC and an open beta will be launched next July.

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