MultiVersus: when Rick Sanchez comes out of Rick and Morty?

Just a few weeks ago, Rick & Morty’s Morty made its MultiVersus debut, many are wondering when it will also arrive. Rick Sanchezat the moment there is no date yet but the developers have made it clear that the wait will not be too long.

By replying to a message on Twitter, the development team let it be known that “the smartest man in the world will come soon“with a lot of emoji intent on winking. In the comments many have speculated that Rick can make his debut next week but there are no confirmations in reality, it is therefore only a speculation of the community.

MultiVersus could soon host Goku from Dragon Ball, also in this case no confirmation but a leak seems to have revealed in advance the arrival of the famous protagonist of the manga / anime series by Akira Toriyama. And while he’s not a Warner Bros character, the company appears to be open to crossovers and collaborationsexactly as it happens regularly in Super Smash Bros or Fortnite.

At the beginning of September it arrived Gizmo (here’s how to unlock Gizmo for free in MultiVersus), the tender protagonist of the film Gremlins, a cult film that also gave life to a sequel, Gremlins 2 The New Breed.

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