Munich: Man is said to have sold hundreds of fake vaccination passports

A 39-year-old is said to have sold hundreds of fake vaccination cards and vaccination certificates over the Internet. Corresponding evidence was found in the man’s apartment in Munich, the police said on Thursday. The officials therefore ensured several hundred blank vaccination certificates. In addition, lettered envelopes with vaccination certificates and data carriers that had already been prepared for dispatch were confiscated.

According to the investigation, the 40-year-old partner of the man is said to have been involved in the acts. The two remained at large. The investigations into commercial fraud and forgery of documents have not yet been concluded, it said. It has not yet been possible to determine how much the couple earned with the forged documents. The sale was probably made via a messenger service.

It is still unclear whether those ordering the wrong vaccination cards will also face legal consequences. A police spokesman said this was ultimately a matter for local prosecutors after the investigation was over. First of all, a large number of addresses would have to be evaluated.

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