Municipality of Altach closed the books for 2021

The municipality of Altach achieved a positive annual result last year

The municipality of Altach achieved a positive annual result last year
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Despite the Corona situation, the municipality of Altach can close the year 2021 with a positive annual result.

altach. At this week’s meeting of municipal representatives, the 2021 accounts were passed unanimously. Overall, the municipality of Altach recorded payments of around 29.351 million euros and payments of 27.826 million euros in the financing budget in the 2021 calendar year.

Increase in revenue shares and need allocations

There was an increase of around EUR 1.526 million in payments in the financing budget, which is primarily due to an increase in the share of income and allocations as needed to strengthen the structure. These increased by almost 1.1 million euros compared to the estimate and amounted to around 7.842 million euros in 2021. Various federal and state contributions, for example for the renaturation of the Emmebach (1.622 million euros) or for the Kreuzfeld children’s home (1.130 million euros), also had a positive impact on the accounts. The landfill fees and the sewer usage fees also ensured higher income last year.

Free funds increased

While the municipality of Altach was also able to register higher payments for municipal taxes, the estimate of 34.744 million euros was still significantly below. This was mainly due to yearly shifts in various projects such as assisted living or the children’s home in Kreuzfeld, as well as land not being purchased. The development of freely available funds was pleasing – the net surplus was EUR 2.270 million. “We are pleased that, despite difficult circumstances, we were able to increase the freely available funds last year,” explains Mayor Markus Giesinger.

Numerous projects implemented

Nevertheless, numerous planned projects have been implemented in the past few months. The municipality of Altach invested primarily in the renaturation of the Emmebach (3.884 million euros), the purchase of land (approx. 3.266 million euros), the Kreuzfeld kindergarten (2.604 million euros), assisted living in Friedrichsfeld (1.674 million euros), the ÖBB stop (EUR 462,000), the renewal of the noise protection wall along the A14 Rheintal autobahn (EUR 450,000) and the renovation and modernization of the elementary and middle school (EUR 470,000). In addition, the level of debt increased in the past year from 13.83 million euros to 21.33 million euros. In this context, Mayor Markus Giesinger also refers to numerous major projects and the financial challenges for the community in the future. “With the Kreuzfeld children’s home, the assisted living facility in Friedrichsfeld and the SCRA campus, the municipality of Altach is also investing in the future – from the youngest to the elderly,” says the Altach mayor. MIMA

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