Municipality of Miraflores gives Aníbal Torres an ultimatum and demands that he publicly apologize

The Miraflores Municipality demanded that the head of the Ministerial Cabinet, Aníbal Torres, publicly apologize to the country within 48 hours for statements about the children of that district and San Isidro.

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In a statement, he rejected the statements by Torres Vásquez – which he described as “unfortunate”– for stigmatizing the children of the district “in a class-based manner and promoting their discrimination within the child population of the country”.

He recalled that childhood is a very important and crucial formative period in the future of a society. Therefore, he considered “unjustifiable attack against their well-being and dignity”.

“Miraflores is a heroic and inclusive district, where peace is promoted and human rights are respected without distinction. For this reason, we demand that the President of the Council of Ministers, Aníbal Torres, publicly apologize to the country within 48 hours.”sentenced.

As recalled, the Prime Minister said that there are small sectors that “mentally deform” to children in districts like San Isidro and Miraflores so that they think they are superior, this during an official event in the San Martín region.

When participating in the opening of the Bellavista Sports Center, in Tarapoto, the Prime Minister highlighted the integration of native and foreign elements in sports practice and in the place.

“How I would have wanted children from San Isidro, from Miraflores, to also join the rest of the country. They are good, we love them too. What happens is that a small sector of society in these places deforms them mentally to make them believe that they are superior, but that is absolutely false.”he pointed.

“They are appreciating that those who consider themselves more capable, more intellectual, more suitable, have been the worst and have left us a totally divided country and with immense social gaps that are not acceptable in a civilized society”he added.


José Williams on the question of trust
José Williams on the question of trust

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