Murder in Quilmes: the indignation of the neighbors who march for Lucas Cancino and ask for more security

Much pain in the march in Quilmes (Gustavo Gavotti)
Much pain in the march in Quilmes (Gustavo Gavotti)

Avenida Miter and Juan C. Varela, in Ezpeleta. 150 meters from there is the Papa Eugenio Pacelli school. This is where he was supposed to get this Wednesday morning Lucas Cancino (17) on his bike. However, two criminals intercepted him when he was leaving his house to rob him and they gave him a fatal stab. Now, 150 meters from that school you will no longer see him arrive, and more than 10 hours after the murder that moves Quilmes; the neighbors march to ask for Justice and Security.

“Justice, justice, justice,” the neighbors asked as they clapped and cut the street at 6:17 p.m., thirteen minutes before the march started, scheduled for 6.30 p.m.

It was a woman with a white apron, who carried a yellow card in her hands and where she asked “Justice for Lucas”, with a photo of the victim, he was the one who took the initiative, cut the street and dragged with it the rest of the neighbors who had been approaching the place timidly since 6:10 p.m.

We do nothing with the neighborhood alarms, with which the Mayor set up, with the security cameras … We do nothing. We need the militia in the streets “, said to Infobae the woman in the white apron, a colleague of Lucas’s mother, who is a mathematics teacher.

The teacher, a colleague of Lucas's mother, on the march (Gustavo Gavotti)
The teacher, a colleague of Lucas’s mother, on the march (Gustavo Gavotti)

In the background, a flag with the colors of light blue and white was displayed among the neighbors. “They come from downstairs to rob the boys when they leave or enter (the school),” explained the 43-year-old woman who always lived in the neighborhood, while the shouts of the “Justice” protesters raged in the background. “All the parents at the school are dismayed. We hope that the militia will take to the streets. All of Quilmes is unsafe, at any time of the day ”.

Ernesto Luis, is 74 years old, and was the first to reach the corner of the march. “I live three blocks away. I have lived here for 44 years. They robbed me eight times. Once they even kidnapped me with my son and threw me away in Bernal. It’s very unsafe, this is bullshit “. And without stopping holding the Argentine flag, he added: “At any moment a son of a bitch comes and worries you. Have It is a shame. You can’t live anymore. I am 74 years old, today I live worse than ever“Says the man, who has two children and five grandchildren.”

Luis, 74, was the first to arrive (Gustavo Gavotti)
Luis, 74, was the first to arrive (Gustavo Gavotti)

“Mr. Minister, insecurity is not a ‘sensation’ they are killing us every day. Justice for Lucas, we don’t want any more Lucas ”, read an orange card. By 6.30 pm, the time for the start of the march, a hundred residents crowded Miter and Varela avenues.

Among the neighbors, applauding and asking for “Justice”, was Fernando, the tutor Lucas, accompanied by another teacher. “He was very good, he had very good grades and a good future ahead of him … They took him away and left a family without his son and his classmates without their friend, in the last year”, broke into dialogue with Infobae.

Father Oscar Marchesi marched with the neighbors
Father Oscar Marchesi marched with the neighbors

And he said with a broken voice: “This situation hit me very badly, it is a barbarous injustice. Children cannot go out to study with fear and lose their future because they are taken from them “. He also said that at school there are always unsafe events, that they should call the Police and take precautions: “It is not from now, this is from a long time ago … Today the authorities have to come to give an explanation of why they are not with their partner and why they have to take the risk to come to study.”

The father Oscar Marchesi he is the priest of the cathedral of Quilmes. Born in Mendoza, 64 years old, he has been in Quilmes for 14 years. “I am here as a citizen of insecurity, injustice, mismanagement of funds, such as graduate trips -which this child will not be able to enjoy-, instead of giving that money for security, for health , for hospitals“, be sincere.

Lucas's photo, present at the march
Lucas’s photo, present at the march

And I add: “In the parish and in the dining rooms we are being victims of robberies. For so many years they have been promising us things that are not seen. One is disheartened but with the help of God and the people, I believe that one can move forward “.

I was also on the march Fabian Omar Almada, father of Franco Almada, delivery man murdered in Quilmes on April 25, 2020. “They kill our children like dogs. Today is Lucas, yesterday it was Franco. If the town does not rise, this will continue. Two years have passed since my son was killed. They will never find the offender because they are not looking for him. And every day a new case appears and the others are forgotten.

Parents, friends, neighbors, acquaintances ... All were accompanied in pain by the crime of Lucas Cancino
Parents, friends, neighbors, acquaintances … All were accompanied in pain by the crime of Lucas Cancino

After 7:30 p.m., the neighbors began to deconcentrate. Little by little, they left the corner of Avenida Miter and Juan C. Varela, in Ezpeleta, who will no longer see Lucas pass by to go to school. Nevertheless, part of the people who gathered this afternoon moved to the victim’s house, about 15 blocks from there, where the teenager was killed this morning.

Some 330 neighbors arrived a few meters from where Lucas lived. There, where three streets meet, they began to shout “security.” Then they lit 23 candles in the middle of the street and they put in front a cardboard with the photo of the murdered boy. He asked: “Justice for Lucas.” In the background and around the makeshift altar, they sang “sit down, sit down, Lucas is present.” By that time, at 20 on this gray Wednesday, the remains of the teenager were dismissed by his relatives in an intimate wake.

Lucas Cancino.  I was 17 years old
Lucas Cancino. I was 17 years old

The case

Lucas’s murder occurred shortly before 8 o’clock, near the adolescent’s grandparents’ house, located in 1,500 Naval Combat, between Lugones and Ascasubi. The boy got on his bicycle to go to the Papa Eugenio Pacelli school, located about 20 blocks away; but he only advanced a few meters, when He was approached by another young man who wanted to steal his belongings.

As he could know InfobaeWitnesses assured that the boy’s first reaction was to object and, in the middle of the struggle, he received a stab in the chest. Seriously wounded, Lucas returned as best he could to his grandparents’ house, and managed to cross the gate to ask for help. But it vanished. Minutes later, a SAME ambulance arrived and found that the adolescent was already dead.

Those arrested for the crime of Lucas
Those arrested for the crime of Lucas

For the crime there are two detainees, one of them would be the material author of the murder of Lucas. A knife was also found that will be appraised. Prosecutor Karina Gallo, from UFI N ° 4, charged the suspects with the homicide on the occasion of robbery. He will investigate them in the next few hours.

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