Murder of young Djamel Bensmaïl in Tizi Ouzou: Bengrina reacts

The leader of the El Binaa Movement, Abdelkader Bengrina, denounced this Thursday, August 12, 2021 the lynching of unprecedented violence by Djamel Bensmaïl.

In a statement made public, the politician said that the National Construction Movement denounces these barbaric acts committed by fanatics who try to discredit and tarnish the image “of our brothers of Tizi Ouzou” qualifying the tragedy that took place. yesterday of “odious crime against the young Djamel, who was beaten to death, whose corpse was then burned under the eyes of the inhabitants of Arbaâ Nath Iraten.

The party leader declared that the criminal act against the young man who came from Miliana in order to participate voluntarily in the impetus of aid to the Kabyle region, is “unjustified and qualified this case as a serious violation of public order and of the law ” .

In addition, Bengrina called for the prosecution of the perpetrators of this crime and all “those who participated in one way or another” to be brought to justice. The latter added that “this painful incident makes us feel the danger which threatens Algeria today through what promote certain parties hostile to the Algerian people, to their identity and to their unity, and which do not support to see the cohesion between state institutions and the solidarity of the people ”

Call for the appeasement of social tensions on social networks

The party leader wished to warn citizens against “separatist speeches, which fuel and exacerbate racist and discriminatory conflicts, which only aim to divide the people”.

Finally, the politician insisted on recalling the need to remain calm and ease tensions in an already tense climate and to stay away from anything that could stir up conflicts. The latter also calls for appeasement and restraint, in order to avoid further bloodshed and to be very careful with regard to the calls to hatred that we have since found on social networks since yesterday and which contribute has this atmosphere heavy with social tensions.

The leader of the movement also called on the competent authorities to assume their responsibilities in establishing a climate of security and stability and “to face firmly all attempts to compromise public order and endanger the lives of Algerian women and men, of those who seek to destroy us from within ”

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