Murder suspects do not suffer from a serious mental disorder

Both women state in the investigations that there was a scuffle between the one woman and Tove during the evening and that they went home to one of the women’s apartments to talk it out.

One woman, who is a couple of years younger than the other, claims in the investigation that she believes that the older one committed the crime while she slept off her intoxication after the night out, while the older woman believes that Tove left the apartment after they talked .

She tells RMV that she feels sad to learn that her friend is now dead.

In the investigation for the younger woman, which arrived on Friday, it appears that she suffers from a mental disorder, but that it is not of a serious nature. In the case of the other woman, according to RMV, there are no suspicions of signs of mental illness compatible with a serious mental disorder at the time of the examination.

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