Museo Arese, Alfa Romeo pays homage to the Clubs for the 112th anniversary

On the occasion of the 112th anniversary from birth, Alfa Romeo honors Clubs with an area in the Museum: from Friday 24 to Sunday 26 a weekend of events dedicated to Alfists from all over the world is scheduled. It is no coincidence that the foundation occurs on June 24 in 1910in Milan, of the Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili, which later became Alfa Romeo.

For the occasion, the Italian car manufacturer pays a tribute to its Clubs, dedicating an area inside the Museum to them. However, the Alfisti registered in the Clubs will be able to drive their Alfa on the internal track of the Museum. The special area inside the Museum that Alfa Romeo has decided to create is one permanent installation that tells the life and passion of the alphists through a video series made directly by the Clubs. Not by chance, the images come from all continents, so as to be able to tell the constant commitment of the various years in enhancing both the brand and the Made in Italy.

Outside there will be an area, called Trees4Clubswhich combines respect for the environment with the continuous effort to expand green areas and woods around big cities: the initiative provides that each tree will be marked with a plaque made by a club.

Alfa Romeo will dedicate the day of June 26 at the celebration of 60th anniversary of the iconic model Giulia. Different sedans from the 60s and 70s will meet on the internal layout of the Museum to participate in a flashmob. Afterwards, in the Giulia room there will be a conference of the cycle “Backstage”, during which the different versions and variants of the car will parade. For the occasion, the presence of one will not be missing Giulia from the State Policecoming from the Turin Autocentro.
To make the event even more unique, the exhibition of two examples of Alfa Romeo truck from the 1950sa 455 and a Mille from the Marazzato di Stroppiana collection of historic vehicles.

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