Musiala Gala: Bavaria’s wonder boy steals the show

What was that again for a demonstration of power by FC Bayern? The German record champions Eintracht Frankfurt swept away 6-1 at yesterday’s Bundesliga opener. The Munich offensive, peppered with top players, was simply one size too big for the Europa League winners – at least one.

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Even without Robert Lewandowski (33), who migrated to FC Barcelona, ​​Bayern underlined that they are able to handle good Bundesliga teams with an ease that is unparalleled in this country. Newcomer Sadio Mané (30) was well integrated into the game, and Serge Gnabry (27) and Thomas Müller (33) also played well.

Musiala outshines everyone

But the best player on the pitch was someone else: Jamal Musiala. Bayern’s highly talented player was somewhat out of the media’s spotlight in light of Munich’s big transfer offensive. In the game against Eintracht, Musiala, like in the Supercup against RB Leipzig (5: 3), reminded everyone what incredible skills he has.

In a confined space, there are hardly any players on earth who act as efficiently as Musiala. With nonchalant elegance, Musiala resolves complicated situations that overwhelm most seasoned professionals.

This was also the case with the 6:1: Although the German national player received a slight push and felt direct opponent pressure, he did not let himself be thrown off balance. Musiala brought the evening to a close after taking the ball perfectly and two velvety short contacts.

Hard work pays off

The fact that Bayern have one of the greatest offensive talents in the world in Musiala has not only been clear since yesterday. The 19-year-old can be the difference player among all the stars at Bayern. And he has big plans: Musiala is said to have clocked his sleep cycle precisely, optimally adjusted his diet using a blood analysis and shortened his summer vacation by a week. The top performances against Leipzig and Frankfurt were probably just the beginning.

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