Music by Julión Álvarez is downloaded from Spotify… again!

After Julión Álvarez won the battle for the United States authorities to remove him from the “black list”, now another conflict faces the problem, as his music was downloaded from the Spotify platform.

The streaming platform has deleted the singer’s music without any justification, and his followers are not very happy with this decision.

This is Julio Cesar Álvarez Montelongo, better known as Julión Álvarez.

What happened to Julión Álvarez on Spotify?

This Wednesday, June 15, the followers of the Mexican regional singer shared their joy on social networks when they saw that songs like ‘You would have gone before’, ‘The love of his life’ and ‘El Aferrado’ had returned to Spotify, as well as all the material of Álvarez Montelongo.

However, the pleasure lasted only a few hours since the platform woke up this Thursday with the news that Julión’s songs were no longer -again-, which provoked the anger of his thousands of followers, who through networks Socialists made their discontent known.

Comments like “Men are like Spotify when it says that it is going to upload Julion Álvarez again, nothing else excites me and nothing”, “Spotify Mexico brings back the songs of Julión Álvarez” and “I hate you Spotify, you remove the best songs of Julión Alvarez” are just some of the comments read on Twitter.

It should be noted that the artist’s profile does appear -although it does not have a photo- and shows the number of monthly listeners he had until his cancellation, but there is no song, which has also sparked confusion.

So far, neither Julión Álvarez nor Spotify have commented on the matter, so the reasons for his withdrawal from the streaming platform are still unknown.

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