Music by Kimberly Loaiza on Youtube

The fame of Kimberly Loaiza en Youtube It is so big that today it is one of the most successful girls who have come out of this platform and with a career ahead.

It is currently a successful youtuber, singer and businesswoman at her short 23 years of age and her last musical work was the launch of the song 13.13 with JD Pantoja.

What is the most listened to song by Kimberly Loaiza on YouTube?

The most listened song of Kim Loaiza in “Do not be jealous”, which now adds more than 209 million of reproductions in his channel YouTube.

It has even been reported that Kimberly Loaiza makes a fortune thanks to YouTube, since the reproductions of her videos always position her in the first places of trends.

What is the name of the first song by Kimberly Loaiza?

“Fall in love”, his first song.

“Fall in love” It is the name of the first single that the girl released and with which she started her musical career.

Kimberly Loaiza became known when in 2014 entered the world of YouTube, creating his channel that currently has more than 32 million subscribers.

Now the girl is also one of the most followed Mexicans in social media, since his official Instagram account already adds more than 29 million followers.

How many songs has Kimberly Loaiza done?

At least eleven songs They have been registered under the name of Kim Loaiza in music pages and also holds the record of reproductions for a new artist in Mexico.

Currently, and despite the controversy, Kim released her new song titled “De Lao” with Ely Blancarte, one of her best friends who is also making her debut in the music industry.

The power of Kimberly Loaiza en Youtube It has allowed her to enjoy success in music and as a content creator, being one of the most sought-after influencers in recent years.

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