Music Cvlt, 4 years of cultural promotion

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Saturday, November 26, 2022 | 2:54 p.m.

Chihuahua, Chih.- This Saturday, the entertainment portal called Music Cvlt, will be celebrating 4 years of promoting musical events of various genres locally, so the party they organized will not be the exception.

The celebration of the fourth anniversary will be with a great exponent of progressive // ​​techno, Fernando Portillo aka in-fernyk, he will take us on an epic journey of rhythms and beats, in a 3-hour set, generating a high degree of listening satisfaction.

The Epicenter Forum, located on Mirador and Ortiz Mena avenues, is where Fish Charlie and Bad, founders and active crew of the portal, will be receiving those attending the celebration of the project in which for 4 uninterrupted years they have invested time, effort and dedication.

“The page was born from the desire to promote and disseminate local, state and other bands from the north of the country,” said Charlie, referring to the fact that the coverage of their events is not only given or reaches the local level, since the artists themselves have spread the galleries or time history.

Currently the Music Cvlt team, who are present with this name on the social networks of Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok, have managed to transcend in the coverage of events at the local level, since national brands have invited them to broadcast their shows.

Bands or artists such as Blood Red Trone, Vandalos Chinos, Brujería, Sepultura, El Gran Silencio, Cemican, The Broken Horizon, Porter, Surgery, Octopulp, Mandrágora, Neelix, Almost famous, Metrika and Ali x Ximena, have shared on social networks their worked.

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