‘Music is my passion, but the business gives me financial stability’

Finding the middle ground between music and business is what Huachana Lourdes Rosmery Ramos Trujillo has achieved with great effort, who, at 28, is a prosperous businesswoman with a growing garment workshop and, in addition, passionately cultivates his artistic side offering vernacular music concerts throughout the country.

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You were born in Huacho…

Yes, but I consider myself an Ancashina at heart, because I lived in the district of Ponto, province of Huari, since I was five years old.

Did you start first in music or in your entrepreneurship?

First I looked for economic stability and then I started singing huaynos with the harp, because it is my passion.

Tell us about your business…

We started in Puente Piedra on October 20, 2018. ‘Rouse’ is a business dedicated to the manufacture of sports clothing for men and women. We offer current fashion and custom clothing.

Do you make?

Yes, myself. I studied dressmaking because I always wanted to be a professional.

What made you decide to start your business?

I wanted to work independently and once I gained experience and had more knowledge in the clothing industry, I felt ready to start. I specialized in pattern making.

The businesswoman studied dressmaking. She does the designs for her brand ‘Rouse’ herself. Photo: Alan Ramirez.

Why did you choose confections?

Because I always liked them. When I was a child she made outfits for my dolls. They never turned out well for me, but I already had the vocation.

What is the name of your brand and where do you market it?

‘Rouse’ is my brand. Dress to measure and sell garments to order.

What is your biggest motivation?

My parents, because I’m single.

And when did your artistic facet begin?

I started in music when I was 8 years old. My father, who is also a musician, instilled in me a love for music, but when I grew up I left it to dedicate myself to work and studies. 5 years ago I resumed my musical career alternating it with my job.

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How many themes do you have?

I have recorded 10 songs.

What is the one you are always asked to interpret?

‘I’ll walk away’.

How do you carry out your two facets, that of singer and businesswoman?

Working in a group and with my family as my great support.

Who stays when you travel to your presentations?

A family member supports me so I can continue in music.

Advice to struggling people…

Be persevering, constant and never stop in the face of adversity. Never stop dreaming of what you want to achieve. While you are working, everything comes in its time and never departs from God, he is our best partner in everything.


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