My Dress-Up Darling: Cosplayers Shoot Marin and Gojo Shopping

There is no doubt that the world of cosplay is growing surprisingly, and this movement is everywhere, that is why we have decided to gradually expand our horizons every day, to bring you more styles, variety and girls and boys of all ages. nationalities, so this time we will take a long and fun trip to Korea, where we find a girl who, together with her friend, performs a cosplay, which puts us in the shoes of one of your favorite characters.

They take this to another level, because they take us through their photo session, they give us a little shopping tour of their city, which you will definitely believe they have taken from the screen, and you will see, we have already commented on it previously, and the art of cosplaying, greatly influences making some of our dreams come true in which the characters of our favorite video games, anime or series come off the screen and live a life in the flesh.

We found these artists through their profile Sshodaa Korean cosplayer with a very varied and artistic gallery, where anime works stand out, you can find her on her Instagram @sshoda.cos, where she has almost 9 thousand followers and a lot of photos where we even look at her taking sessions under the water with impressive suits.

Now, we know that anime will always be one of the most common sources of inspiration for cosplay artists, that’s why we can constantly see them bringing some of our favorite characters to life, as is the case today, that a popular and beautiful cosplay has decided to give us her best version of Marin Kitagawa.

Marin Kitagawa, a beautiful anime girl My Dress Up Darlingwhere we see her meet Wakana Goj┼Źand who manages to convince him to help her recreate some characters from her favorite anime series, and manages to show us some of the most elaborate and striking suits tailored to her, this is how during their work, the boys manage to forge a great friendship with him. time is taking overtones beyond that, making a strong bond.

Sshoda, sporting long blonde hair that reaches below her bust with pink highlights and tips, as well as Marin’s two-piece uniform, where she wears a short pastel blue skirt with plaid, as well as a white T-shirt from long sleeves with buttons, a black bracelet on the left wrist and a choker necklace on her neck along with a blue tie and soft makeup that accentuates her beautiful features. We hope that this cosplay work has been to your liking, so if you want more content like this, please continue on eGames News.

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