“My friend messed with my ex-partner” What are you doing? Do you claim him? Do you block them?

It is said that among friends there are codes that must be respected: being in good times and bad, supporting difficulties, keeping secrets; Ah! and the theme of lovers is more than sacred. But what happens when this code breaks and your friend is dating your ex? Do you claim it? What are you doing?

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The psychotherapist Ginnette Urbina explains that this situation is painful for different reasons: the betrayal of a friend and the lack of respect for feminine codes.

It must be made clear that the ex-lover should not be complained about or questioned because he is part of your past. However, you can talk with your friend, who is your present, and give her the opportunity to explain and tell you what is happening”, Details Urbina.

Now, Do you continue with your friendship as if nothing? The expert points out that everything will depend on what your friend tells you, how strong your friendship with her is and how much you have forgotten your ex.

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Each situation is different, but you always have to focus on things that are profitable for you, take care of your life and leave behind people who do not contribute anything“, advise.

Bear in mind that you don’t choose who you fall in love with; however, you can decide to do things right. The right thing to do is to talk to the friend and tell her what is happening.


Is it advisable to record yourself in privacy?

A few weeks ago we witnessed the leak of intimate videos of a couple from the local scene. This deplorable event, which today exposes its protagonists, is not the first time it has happened, we know of many other cases. Given that, we ask ourselves, is it safe to record oneself in privacy?

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The psychologist and therapist Grabriela Mejia explains that many couples perform this type of practice as part of the erotic game because it stimulates the arousal and orgasm, and it is completely natural.

“This act is not abnormal as long as it is of mutual consent. Contrary to what many think, doing it does not reflect any psychological problem, much less exhibitionism, ”emphasized the expert.

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Like everything erotic game, the recording should be left only for the moment of pleasure and, according to Mejía, it is important to talk about what will be done with the intimate video because leaving it on the cell phone runs the risk of it leaking.

“Before recording, it is necessary to know the couple well so that when the relationship ends, they do not use the material in their desire to cause harm. Therefore, if you decide to do it, it is important to make the rules clear, “he warned.

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