"My hair doesn’t do that" : Jesse Spencer is ironic on a photo of him

In response to the fans who were on fire in front of a photo of him in costume, Jesse Spencer calmed everyone down, saying (jokingly) that it was not him, in a tweet dated May 12.

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Dr. Robert Chase has left his mark on fans of Dr House. The actor, who played the young doctor with a blond lock, jesse spencer, undeniably missed by his fans. If he left the show in 2012, it is also to shine in Chicago Fire, until 2021, when he decided to distance himself from the world of show business. A decision that stemmed from an awareness. “I counted, and this year is my 18th year of TV series [entre Chicago Fire et Dr House]…“. And to add: “it was a hard decision because i loved the show from the start“. Only here, Jesse Spencer is missed by the fans. So much so that they see him everywhere, even where he is not.

Jesse Spencer: is his answer a way to drown the fish?

In a tweet on May 12, the now 43-year-old actor calmed down the ardor of fans who found him devilishly attractive, in costume, on a yacht. Hands in pockets, hair in the grip of an extreme fixing gel, looking sure of himself: it didn’t take much for the Web to literally go up in flames. Only here, to curb the surge of flames suddenly arrived in the comments of these two photos that have gone viral, Jesse Spencer split a half-condescending, half-funny tweet. “It’s not me…I think it’s Casey’s long lost brother or something.”he tweeted, referring to his role in Chicago Fire.

“My hair doesn’t do that”

Handsome player, Jesse Spencer still took the time to add a touch of humor: “My hair doesn’t do that”. Yes because, even if he has changed a lot since his departure from the series, this cut straight from the 1990s requires hair density coupled with a harmonious movement of the fiber, all covered with a good dose of gel. But given his propensity to be elusive, it might be him… For a new project? Judging from the comments, some fans would like to believe: “Come back please”, can we read, for example.

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