My Hero Academia prepares the next fight between Izuku and Shigaraki

fans of My Hero Academia are preparing for the big return of the anime, but now, it is the manga that is making the most noise in the community, as the final arc is going through some of the most intense moments, prolonging the battle between the heroes and villains, for the that now that the time has come we see Izuku Midoriya against Tomura Shigaraki.

That’s right, the most recent chapter of the manga finally ended the long wait, and now the suspense of Deku and Shigaraki finally stepping into the ring together, ready to take each other down, and this battle has taken longer than expected to arrive, but judging by the looks that Izuku and Shigaraki are already giving it their all and it will be worth it.

SPOILER ALERT!!!!—–>>>>>
If you haven’t read My Hero Academia manga chapter 366 yet, continue reading at your own risk.

You see, this is when All For One/Shigaraki fused is still decimating the top tier hero team outside of UA High School, so while bakugo still technically dead Best Jeanist Y Edgeshot they still don’t have the time to repair Bakugo, and the “Big Three” of UA did their best, while Mirko He hasn’t lost his fighting spirit, but he has lost quite a few parts of his body leading up to this point.

So in the meantime, the combination of AFO-Shigaraki accessing the full power of his enhanced body and suppressing his quirks has forced Shigaraki to evolve into a new and even more powerful form, and the only one who can stop him is clearly Deku, but, the plan of the heroes divided both sides of the war into smaller and separate battles.

So Izuku was snatched into the wrong battle, while the time it took for Deku getting back to where it was supposed to be cost the team of heroes a lot of lives and damage, and frustration on the part of a lot of readers, so now My Hero Academia’s final story arc choices will probably always be debated within the fandom, specifically the option to spread the action out over so many different scenes and constantly jump between them.

So while the creator of the series, Kohei Horikoshiit certainly has a lot of characters and character arcs to manage, it also made a brief time step in the story feel much longer, leading to the frustration some readers have been expressing.

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