My Hero Academia reveals the release dates for its OVAs

Congratulations, fans of the My Hero Academia anime know that its creators are working hard to get everything ready for its return with season 6 in October, the anime that will arrive along with other great titles during the next fall season, as well that while its return is complete, the series has set release dates for when fans around the world can check out the special OVA releases for this summer.

That’s right, as we mentioned before, the anime will return this fall with the adaptation’s most intense arc to date, but hopefully all its fans will be able to relax a bit this summer and make the wait less long with two new special episodes outside of the series. main story, where the first of these specials is now screening in Japan, so fans in other territories have been wondering why they would get a chance to see it.

You see, now that My Hero Academia took the stage with a new special event highlighting some of the future of anime, and with it officially announced that the two new OVA specials now screening in Japan will be released in the rest of the world starting August 1 (as planned). seen by @AIR_News01 on Twitter), so fans attending the Anime Expo You’ll be able to see the first of these new specials much sooner as part of Crunchyroll’s convention offerings, so hopefully the wait won’t be too long.

Now about these OVA titles, Crunchyroll describes them as follows: “The first of the new My Hero Academia OVAs, titled “HLB”, as such, “HLB stands for ‘Hero League of Baseball’ – it’s a baseball league founded by professional heroes who love baseball! It’s game day !.The last game of the HLB championship is between Gang Orca and the two rival Shishido agencies.”

“They form a team (‘Orcas’ and ‘Lionels’) to compete. In the world of HLB, there are no rules, using your quirks is of course accepted. However, just as the game is about to end, they are interrupted by a villain. Who will be the winner of HLB?

While a synopsis of the second OVA titled “Laugh! Like you’re in hell!” has not been revealed yet, but it has been confirmed that it will introduce a new villain to the series called Mr. Smiley.

And it will have the voice of Hironori Kondo (who can be heard in various Super Sentai projects such as Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger) in his debut, so thankfully it has been confirmed that it won’t be long until fans outside of Japan get to see any of these new OVA specials. .

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