My Hero Academia: Watchmen Cover Reveals Koichi and Pop Step One Last Time

The spin-off manga of My Hero Academia, is a long prequel series that announced it would come to an end, the time has come and to celebrate its grand finale, it revealed what will be the cover of the fifteenth and last volume of My Hero Academia: Vigilantes , this original manga series by Hideyuki Furuhashi and Betten Court, which began with the idea that it would take place a few years before the events of the main series and highlight many of the main series’ heroes and villains in a new way.

Where we were able to meet some new characters that for now will be trapped in the voids of the new world of heroes that was formed within this spin-off, the same reason that led to the main characters of My Hero Academia: Vigilantes to become the titular vigilantes in question.

And so, noticing how the heroes were skipping crimes in their small town, the three main leads took matters into their own hands and faced a series of increasingly difficult villains as the spin-off grew. was nearing its end, so now that it’s over, fans will soon be able to own all of its volumes, with Volume 15 being the last to hit stores in Japan later this summer, so the illustrator of the series Betten Court shared the first look at the cover of the final volume.

My Hero Academia: Watchmen follows Koichi Haimawariwhen he starts to become a small town hero helping out with smaller day-to-day tasks, eventually escalating into bigger and bigger battles against his own villains, but now he soon comes to a point at the end of the series in which he comes face to face with beings who completely influenced what came from All For One years later in the main series, and showed how important Koichi ultimately is to the main series.

The spin-off series finally has some pretty big connections to the events of the main series, and now that it’s over, it’s the perfect time for fans of the main series to get involved, volume 15 of the series will be released in Japan next month. , but it will be quite some time before it gets a physical English release, so until then, you can find the entire run of My Hero Academia: Vigilantes with Viz Media’s Shonen Jump digital library.

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