My Hero Academia will have a new editor for its final arc

It’s not long before the final arc in the My Hero Academia manga, but before that happens, it looks like the Shonen franchise will be making some big changes to wrap up the story of Deku and the students of Class 1-A, as they search for what they want. better for the end of Kohei Horikoshi’s story.

You see, according to the latest issue of Weekly Shonen Jump, the series revealed that a new editor had been chosen for the final chapters of the series, as the battle continues to heat up between the Hero Society crime fighters and the villains that have been assembled by All For One.

So, the editor of the last chapters of My Hero Academia was Taguchi, the fourth editor who supervised the series of Kohei Horikoshi and who had previously worked on manga like Samurai 8 and Red Hood, to name a few, now, the new editor has been appointed as Imamura, having previously worked on the romantic comedy manga known as Ayakashi Triangle.

And while no reason was given as to why the change was made so suddenly and at the end of the series, Horikoshi made sure to comment on this change in the latest Weekly Shonen Jump, seeming quite jovial about the big change during the final arc. of the series.

Adding that they have some other surprises for Weekly Shonen Jump #30: “Changing the person in charge. Tagushi-sensei, let’s go to the barbecue. Imamura-sensei, nice to meet you, please take care of me.”

Not forgetting that during the last few chapters of My Hero Academia’s final arc, we’ve seen the fierce battle between Shoto Todoroki and Dabi, and readers are currently witnessing the fight between All For One and a handful of the older, younger, and younger heroes. old, trying to hold the Hero Society together and now that the Shonen series is set to come to an end, fans are wondering which heroes and villains will ultimately survive to see the end of Kohei Horikoshi’s sprawling epic.

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