“My name is Gustavo Petro and I am its president”: this was the speech of the new president of Colombia

Gustavo Petro he was elected president of Colombia and for the first time in its history, the South American country will have a leftist government. Not only that, but also for the first time, an Afro-descendant woman, Francia Márquez, will be vice president. In a packed stadium in the capital, the president-elect spoke his first words to voters.

“What is coming is a real change,” he promised. Gustavo Petro and continued: “We are not going to betray that electorate.” Who will be the new president as of August 7 also promised to carry out this change not with hatred or sectarianism, but with the union of the entire country.

Gustavo Petro and Francia Márquez at the Movistar Arena in Bogotá.

the president elect He assured that the objective of his government is for Colombia to become a world power of life, something that would be synthesized in three axes: peace, social justice and environmental justice. The word peace Gustavo Petro he challenges an entire country that has been in armed conflict for seven decades and that was noted in the chants of “No more war” that resounded in the stadium.

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