“My support will always be with …”: Pancho Saavedra’s response about his presidential option

After the elections last Sunday, where José Antonio Kast and Gabriel Boric went to the second round after obtaining the first two majorities, several famous people from Chile and the world came out to give their support to one or another candidate.

And in that context, during the last hours an Instagram user wrote to Pancho Saavedra in one of his publications, where he asked him to “climb the tree” and lend clothes to the Approve Dignity candidate.

«Yeah right, Pancho. For the LGBT community we are waiting for your support for Boric. We love you Pancho. Don’t let us down », they posted on the virtual platform.

Immediately, the Channel 13 host raised his voice and responded. Although he gave his position in the face of the ballot, he avoided mentioning the name of any of the candidates for La Moneda.

“Dear, my support will always be with whoever is on the side of our community. I will never give my vote to someone who does not respect our rights, “he said.

With this, several understood that the animator of Places that Talk will lean towards Boric. «I didn’t expect less from you, it would be cool if you made it public. You know that you move masses and in these times it is needed more than ever, “replied the same user who originally wrote.

In addition, other users came out to ask him to publicly define who he will finally support in the second round.

Pancho Saavedra’s response

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