Mypes to Deputy Minister of Housing: “We do not want promises, but amounts and specific dates”

The Peruvian Association of Technical Entities, APET, asks the Deputy Minister of Housing and Urbanism, Cecilia Lecaroswhich sets the dates and amounts for the disbursement of resources for Construction in Own Site.

We are tired of good intentions, we do not want promises, we want specific amounts and dates for disbursement”. The families demand explanations from us and we only tell them that there is no budget”he claimed Devora Ramirezvice president of APET, Peruvian Association of technical entities that groups more than 1000 mypes builders.

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How do you know the program? own roof of Ministry of Housing Construction and Sanitation, builds houses under two modalities of “Construction on Own Site” for families of levels C and D in human settlements and the “AVN, Acquisition of New Housing” modality for levels C and B, who can access a credit banking.

“The mypes that we build for the poorest families are disconcerted by the supreme decree that President Pedro Castillo signed on June 22 that grants an item of 165 million 545, 410 soles to the ministry destined specifically for the construction of AVN houses, acquisition of new home and not a sun to Construction on Own Site”affirmed Dévora Ramírez, vice president of APET.

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Now the deputy minister reiterates her offer that she made to us 6 months ago and so far, unfortunately, we haven’t seen anything, the board said.

“This lack of interest is to sentence the modality to disappear. Construction on Own Site that would favor 1 million families with the lowest resources at the national level who live in houses made of cardboard or plastic, in a precarious manner and without the possibility of one day receiving their family housing bonus for the construction of their home despite having land and documentation eligible to receive the government benefit.

We work throughout the country and inject resources into the vein of the towns and cities because we work with the masons and construction teachers of the area, added Ramírez.

To serve the entire population that does not have decent housing, 200,000 houses should be built each year and in five years the goal of 1 million homes should be reached.


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