Mysterious absence of Galilea Montijo in Programa Hoy, is resolved after rumors

Let us remember that Galilea Montijo has been part of the Hoy Program for 14 years, so his absence has already unleashed a series of rumors, especially due to the arrival of Tania Rincón, however it was his partner, the host Andrea Legarreta, who after absence of Galilea Montijo in Hoy Program clarified everything.

And it is that the doubts about his permanence increased because the presenter is also away from social networks, so this is what Legarreta said to clarify the situation of his partner during the beginning of the program.

“They ask me a lot about Gali, Gali still had a few days left from her vacation and she took those days, because they are like, where is Gali from? … and well, it’s a few days.” Let us remember that a similar event occurred when Anette Michel replaced Galilea Montijo as the driver, also on vacation.

Absence of Galilea Montijo in Hoy Program

Tania Rincón warms up Galilea Montijo’s bench.

After clarifying the absence of Galilea Montijo in Programa Hoy, they began with jokes to relax the atmosphere a bit, where Tania Rincón wanted to make it clear that she was not going to replace Montijo.

And it is that they questioned him directly “Clarify why they say ‘you are taking away his place.”

However, Andrea and Arath de la Torre joked with their partner saying that for the time being she was sitting in the place of Galilea, but Rincón did not stop and replied: “but I’m warming it up, so that when she puts her pompitas she feels warm” .

Galilea Montijo absent from the networks

Galilea, who is a regular on social networks, has stayed away.

Conspiracy theories around the mysterious absence of Galilea Montijo grew because she does not publish anything on her networks, something unusual for the host.

And it is that since last October 7 Galilea Montijo was absent from social networks and from the small screen, which is why his followers were concerned about his situation in the program. But Andrea Legarreta was in charge of clarifying the absence of Galilea Montijo in Programa Hoy.

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