Mystery over the macabre discovery of human remains in a wasteland in La Plata

And gruesome find occurred on the afternoon of this Saturday in an open area of ​​La Plata, when a person made a tour of the farm area and found bone remains that appeared to be human.

It was in a large open field located in the area of ​​177 and 47, near where the complainant lives. Police sources told 0221.com.ar that when the police went to the place after the complaint was made, they verified its veracity, for which reason they proceeded to protect the scene.

The Scientific Police immediately intervened in coordination with UFI 15, from where the actions established by the protocol for this type of case were arranged. “It was possible to observe incomplete skeletal remains that would appear to be from an adult person, the data is ignored, there is no soft matter,” said the police sources that intervened.

While in principle no signs of violence were observed around the remains. According to what transpired, proceedings were initiated by “investigation of causes of death” and the main objective is to determine the identity of the person and the causes of death.

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