N ‘Klabe was the international surprise that Daniela Darcourt gave on her return to the stage

The Puerto Rican group N’KLABE made up of Felo, Roberto and Ura was the great international surprise last night in what means the official return to the live concerts of Daniela Darcourt in Peru.

And it is that, averaging 9:30 pm, in her first show at the Parque de La Exposición, Daniela Darcourt announced with a musical riddle the “Chicos Lindos de la Salsa”, who one by one made their appearance on stage with their great hit “A point to explode” that they shared vocally with the Peruvian singer.

The return of Daniela Darcourt to the stage after the isolation product of the pandemic counted yesterday with the arrival on stage of the Puerto Rican group N’Klabe

After the outbreak of the public that packed the Lima amphitheater, Daniela welcomed the singers who came by surprise to our country, and went on to perform “Probability of Love” hit that made the Peruvian duet popular with whom they excelled in harmonies and live voice play making the respectable vibrate again.

N’KLABE also participated in the second night of Daniela Darcourt’s concert, who was very grateful for the presence of Felo, Roberto and Ura, who reciprocated with these words …. “A round of applause for Daniela Darcourt. We are very happy to be with you … Thank you Peru! ”, Expressed the members of the Puerto Rican group.


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